Last night we went to a Quiz Night in aid of Rachels Dog Training Group. It was very well attended we had to make up teams of 8 people. 2 people that we didn't know joined us to make up our number, Sharon and Jordan. 9 teams of 8 people in all.

We decided to call our team The Dimwits , and as it turned out we were very aptly named. We sat open mouthed as the questions were called out. Among them were questions like 'When is London Dog Week' and 'What is the aim of London Dog Week' and When is National Dog Worming Week?'

At the end she said she would call out the results in reverse order. We collectively slid under the table as she read out the name of the team who came last - and it wasn't us. We breathed a sigh of relief. We weren't last. We could at least hold our heads up a little bit.

And as she got further and further up the list our mouths began to drop open. She got to number 3 and we still weren't named. She must have lost our paper. Then she called out 'Second - The Dimwits' We could have danced for joy. But how we managed that we will never know. But we weren't going to argue. A very enjoyable evening.

For some reason this photo puts me in mind of a Beryl Cook print.

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  1. Anita Says:

    Sounds like a brilliant evening Jill, made me chuckle at your team name though. Congrats on coming 2nd :)

  2. Lynn Says:

    Great name f a team Quiz! and well done too! I don't know anything about dogs.

  3. liz Says:

    Flippin' heck Jill, I'm so glad I was unable to come! I certainly would have held you back but the name would certainly have been appropriate if I'd been on the team! Well done getting 2nd xxx

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