I am going to get on my soapbox again here.

As a teetotaller I only ever drink lemonade when I am out and make a point of asking for 'no ice and lemon' Invariably the drink comes with both. Tonight I pointed out that she had asked if I wanted ice and lemon and I had said 'no'. Well couldn't I just fish it out then?

Why is it so difficult to get an order correct?

At Catering College we were told never under any circumstances to have ice in our drinks. Ice had been tested and found to have all sorts of nasties in it, some to revolting to mention.

And while we are on the subject my Tutor Chef also said never, ever, ever send your meal back. The Chef would take it as a personal insult and after he had kicked it around the floor and wrapped it round his **** he would cremate it and send it back to you. I have always hoped that he was exaggerating, but never put it to the test lol.

Whilst on the subject of college we had to pop the eyes out of trout before cooking them. One of the tutors would substitute , unknown to his pupils, the eyes for currants. He would dip the 'eyes' in batter and then eat them. One girl fainted clean away.

Enjoy your evening meal lol
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  1. Linda Says:

    Couldn't agree more - I always say no ice and always its put in! Perhaps try "do you want a tip?" then don't leave one :)

  2. Anita Says:

    PMSL!!! Jill, you totally crack me up, laughed so hard about the trouts eyes and sending your dinner back. OMG! I HAVE sent mine back once before...eeeeewww the mind boggles, I shall remember that in future. Didn;t know about the ice though.xx

  3. KraftyKaren Says:

    That is so funny about the trout eyes Jill!!

    I didn't know that about all the lurgies in ice - I must admit I love ice in drinks during the summer but they do go a tad over the top in those fast food places - I tend to say no ice there as you always get half a container of ice and barely any drink.

    I've never been brave enough to send food back - I know mum once when we were in OPS complained about her lasagne when the waitress came over to see if everything was alright - it had so much cheese on it that the whole dish was just swimming in fat - the waitress told her to pour it off if she didn't want to eat that bit - needless to say mum won't eat there anymore!

  4. liz Says:

    What are you like Jill? Those comments re the trout's eyes - I can just imagine it. The total horror on the students' faces. Yuk. I love ice in my drinks, but perhaps will think twice about it now. I agree though, if you specifically ask not to have something, then you shouldn't get it, and the suggestion of 'fishing it out' is totally out of order! xx

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