I have been playing with the i-top Brad Maker. Another new tool to add to my collection ^-~ .

It is by Imaginisce and you can make your own brads in 3 sizes. The tool is like a pair of pliers with swivel heads at both ends. It can make brads in either 16mm or 22mm. You can make larger brads in 28mm but you have to buy a seperate rubber head for this. The brads are called, for some reason, Brad Daddies and come in packets of 8.

Basically you punch out your paper with one of three punches, or you can use a template and cut round it, the pop the head of the brad in the rubber base, place your paper over it and squeeze the pliers together. This pushes the brad head and paper into the rubber and you then push the edges down. Then pop the pronged base on, squeeze and hey presto, a brad to your own design.

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  1. Lynn Says:

    Was wondering about this when I saw it in the shop. Wendy and I were chatting about how you might use it, and now I know! Thanks.

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