Pop over to the Scrapology blog to see the sneak peek ahead of Thursday's new challenge for March.  Here are just a few of the samples. There will be a new gallery, a new guest designer and a fab new prize on offer.

Any idea what we have planned?
Pop onto the blog on Thursday 1st March when all will be revealed!
I have been looking at the Mmeory Box Dies for a few weeks and contacted the company in the US to find a UK supplier. I had to email 3 times before they replied. Not good customer service. Anyway eventually they gave me the name of a UK supplier and I placed an order. Unfortunately most of the dies were out of stock but I managed to get a few. They really are lovely shapes, from borders to corners and one of my favourites the Serafina Heart which can be used in conjunction with the Cupid Heart.

Serafina Heart
Madeira Corner
Catalina Border
Here are a few so come and have a look at the ones I have in stock. You are bound to be won over.
I was reprimanded by Tina last night at our Scrapbooking class. She said my blog had cobwebs all over it. I must confess that I did feel a tad guilty. No excuses as usual but things have been happening in my life of late and I never know what to put on a blog. And also I have lost my mojo for the last few months. i have not done a scrapbook page nor made a card since October last year.

I have a great grandson now. Not something that I want to shout about as it makes me sound, look and be old. But I have to say that  Oliver is just the cutest little thing. He smiles happily at me which goes a long way to softening this hardened old heart.

Anyway my friend Liz and I were talking a couple of weeks ago and discovered that we would both like to do Quilting. She has a new grandson born a few days before Oliver and we rather fancied making a quilt for the babies. We went off to Ardingly last Sunday to the Quilt Show. What an eye opener. We did buy a few bits and pieces and a pattern or two....... We also found a lady who has a Quilting class on Tuesday mornings here in Polegate. As the shop is closed on Tuesday and Liz can change her days off we were invited to go along next Tuesday for coffee and to meet the ladies and see if we would like to join the class. So that is a definate date.

We also took a stroll around the Quilt Gallery upstairs. My word. The workmanship of these quilts was stunning and we stood open mouthed as we went from one fantastic quilt to another. We got talking to one lady whose quilts were on show. Her work was absolutely amazing. She has a website but the site does not do justice to the colours and workmanship of her quilts.

 We are off to Blue Water this weekend and armed with a list of things that we need we will probably be bankrupt by Sunday night.

So hopefully I have the impetus now to update this blog with news on all sorts of subjects.

bye for now