As many of you know I had a birthday during the week. I have never had so many cards!!! I don't know if thats an indication of getting older or that I know more people - but I am very grateful.

I also had some lovely presents, even a handbag diary from a Golden Retriever called Amber. Poor Amber has tonslitis. I have never heard of that in a dog but I think Amber is more human that a lot of people I know lol.

We also had a crop last Saturday and we had a little do - Anita (who has her birthday tomorrow) made one of those fabulous Raspberryoffi pies - they are to die for.

Here are the pics of my cards. Thank you everyone

Once again I have had other things on my mind and have let this blog slip. My good intentions came to nothing I'm afraid.

But the sun is shining and the blackbird is singing its little heart out in the tree by the garage, and although its still very nippy out, there are signs of Spring arriving. The clocks go forward at the end of the month which will mean lighter evenings, always a boost. And I have Debden to look forward to, and I am determined to get some kits organised so that I am not twiddling my thumbs for 3 days.

But I digress. I thought it was about time I made up some more cardstock kits and this is the first one. It is called Spring pastels and consists of 10 sheets of pastel cardstock and some co-ordinating embellishments