We have just had a small delivery of the Limited Edition Pink Slice Machine.

This little die cutting machine cuts from 1" to 4" and you can position it anywhere in the page. It is rechargeable and lightweight. It has everything you need to get started including 2 design cards.

I can get the design cards to order and they take about a week.

You can find out more about it on this website

We R Memory Keepers have brought out 3 new additions to the Corner Chomper. They both have dual heads which you change by just twiting the head. They are easy to use and you need very little pressure to cut chipboard.

They sell at £23.49 which seems a lot just to cut a corner by=ut they are very hard wearing and if you make chipboard books you will soon get your value from them. they would make a nice change from just the rounded corners on a book.

The first has a pink handle (of course) and has an Angle/Photo cut

The second a pale lilac handle and has the Cloud/Scallop cut

And the third with the lime green handle has the Stub/Deco cut.

As well as all of the other gorgeous stuff that Prima has brought out, there are the crystal and pearl centres. They are not cheap at £3.99 but you get 12 self adhesive centres.

Such beautiful colour combinations and we have a choice of 16 different packs. I can't wait to use them.

Here are just two of the colour combinations


As well as the economy line of flowers Prima has brought out the Crystals and Pearls.

In 30 colourways there is a pack for everyones taste and again at £1.60 a pack they won't break the bank.

There are 60 pieces per packet , each with 40 pearls and 20 crystals. They range from approximately 4mm to 8mm

Prima has brought out an economy range of flowers called the e-line.
These consist of 5 styles with 6 colourways in each style. The colours range from cool white, to the primary colours, to muted vintage through to zingy citrus colours.

There are either 24 or 30 flowers in each bag and at £1.60 a bag they are a snip.

The 5 styles are Chelsea, bermuda Breeze, Celebrations, Daisy delicacies and Confetti Cake.
Daisy Delicacies

Bermuda Breeze



Confetti Cake


I have been busy uploading Prima e-line flowers and crystals to the shop site and also in the shipment from the US were these Flutter Vines.

They are 12" long and I have just these 3 colours in stock, Fuschia, Pacific Blue and Scarlet.

They are really so pretty, especially the Fuschia one, and I keep wondering 'how can I use them on a layout'. I am sure I will find someway to do it. I will try and show you some of the other gorgeous things over the next few days. In the meantime if you would like to see the selection of flowers, centres and pearls please pop along to the shop and have a browse.

Richard has decided that he needs another project after the shop toilet is finished and so he has decided to go into property. He wanted something that was not too challenging for his first attempt, no major reconstruction work and something nearby. After trawling the internet I found a house a mile or so away from here which was due to be auctioned on 17 September. We went to look at it and what a shock. I thought that there had been a fire in the property as everything was brown and there were stains running down the light switches. The smell was horrendous and then I realised the stains were nicotine. I know that pub ceiling were brown but this surpassed anything I had ever seen. The brambles in the back garden reached up to the first floor window and the kitchen had been gutted and the bathroom defied description, I swear the toilet had not been cleaned since 1950. The auction estimate 60k- 80k.
The auction was in London so off we set on Thursday and this lot was the 4th being sold so not long to wait. Well there were so many bids the auctioneer didn't know if he was on foot or horseback. It eventually sold for 126k. It defied belief.

Anyway what I really wanted to say is how shocked we were at the manners of the people on the underground and in London. The word 'politeness' was a stranger to them. Richard was acting as a sort of bodyguard for me as I had trouble getting up and down the stairs and also a bit slow getting on the trains because of my back. People pushed in front as they scrambled to get on the trains and grab a seat. They pushed you out of the way as they got off the trains. They pushed you to one side as they went down the stairs. All in all it was mind boggling. They were just so totally rude. When did this country become like this. Has it always been the same in London. As a country mouse I have been used to politeness, smiles and general thoughtfulness on the part of other people. Am I now totally out of tune with modern day living?
Well I thought it was about time I updated my blog.

Things have not been going so well. I have injured my back and so it has rather slowed things up a bit. My movement is severely restricted and the ostepopath is making a fortune out of me at present. I am wearing one of those back support and Richard says I have my hourglass figure back after all of these years.

The toilet has just arrived for the shop so Richard will be cracking on with that now. He hasn't been able to do much until it arrived because of puting the pipework etc under the floor. Now it should be all systems go. I shall of course supervise.

This last weekend I went to Debden on a scrapbooking weekend with the girls from the Sunday crop. I really enjoyed it although I wasn't able to do a lot and having previously made up 20 kits so that I would have plenty to do, I never managed to complete one layout. I have to thank both Liz and Gilly for being my official picker-upperers. I did devise a patent picker-upperer by putting a large glue dot on the end of a ruler and that picked up the lighter things. But when I dropped ny Craftmate bag with all the boxes of brads and eyelets Gilly had to come to my rescue. One of lifes mysteries is why, when you have a bad back, does everything end up on the floor.

I really enjoy my weekends at Debden. Its nice to have your craft stuff to hand and know that you don't have to pack it away all the time. Meals are served and you just get up from the table and walk away - and someone else does the washing up. As we have been before, several times, the staff pretty well leave us to our own devices, so we have the run of the place. We generally have a small group which makes it more personal.