Well it hasn't stopped raining for days and now we are threatened with more snow. I quite like to see the beautiful scenery created by snow but apart from that I don't think it has much going for it. Cold, slippery and downright miserable as far as I am concerned. proper old grouch, me.

Anyway I was sorting through some paperwork and I came across these photos. It was some years ago, probably nearer 25 years ago and longer ago than I care to remember, and it was a very bad winter. I had a temporary traffic light business at the time and we had a set of lights up on the Downs, just outside Eastbourne. These photos were published in the local paper, The Sussex Express and Herald, and I was tickled to see that they were my lights, the diesel generator still chugging away in the cold and the lights still working.

I hope that we don't see as much snow as that again this year!!!

Happy new Year Everyone

Thank you for supporting my blog and I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas.

And may 2010 bring you all good health, plenty of laughs and barrowloads of money and loads of friends to share your happiness.
One of the cards we received for our anniversary was from our friend Gillian. Gillian is a very talented lady both in cardmaking and sketching and to see some of her fantastic work you should look at her blog
This is the card she sent us.

As I said she is a very talented artist and we received this Christmas Card. She sent her own artwork to Snapfish and they printed it into Christmas cards. A briiliant idea and we love receiving her cards.

Yesterday (Friday 11th December) was our 45th Wedding anniversary. Too many years ago to remember half of the things that have happened to us, but we have had an adventuresome life one way or another.

Richard bought me some beautiful roses. These are just half of them. He did say that he looked for a sapphire but couldn't find anything. Mmmmmm. lol.

And a very dear friend sent these wonderful flowers. She has had so much tragedy in her life and also a fair bit of late but she still found time to think of us. I really value her friendship. A truly lovely woman.

In the evening two other friends took us out to dinner. We went to the Star at Normans Bay and had a very nice meal. So all in all a wonderful day. But I am in rush to get to the Golden Wedding.
Thursday morning was the last of Anita's classes for this year and we had great fun making a different take on an exploding box. It should really have a bow made from paper on the top but after two or three tries my bows got consigned to the filing basket (under the table) and I used some Prima Ornaments to decorate the top of mine.

Two of the Sunday croppers, Carol and Lynne, who also came to Anitas class, kindly gave me this beautiful Poinsietta as a Christmas present. But I am under strict instructions to make sure it still has its leaves at the next crop in January. I don't think that they know that my house is a graveyard for pot plants.

Yesterday was the monthly crop day and I was given some lovely cards and presents. Thank you all so much.

Firstly I would like to show you this fantastic card from Anita. The picture does not do it justice. It is jaw droppingly beautiful.

The is an origami tree which has been glittered and the embellishments have been glittered too. It opens like an ordinary card but the bottom is a box. There are 4 little draws in it and they have chocolates in them.
Yum Yum

And this from a woman who doesn't make cards!!!

Liz also showed us how to make the acetate card and I will finish this at todays crop and post a picture tomorrow.