I was standing in the garden this afternoon, gazing around at the bare trees, as you do if you have nothing better to do, lol, and this caught my eye about 6 metres up in a tree. I thought it was a dove huddled in the branches but when it didn't move I went for a closer inspection. Then I went in for my camera and took this photo. I think its a wasps nest but to be in a tree that high off the ground didn't seem to be in character.

Anyone have any other ideas?

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  1. Lynn Says:

    A nest of some kind and I would say you are right. I wouldn't want to go near it! Good luck in sorting it out Jill.

  2. Anita Says:

    Uh oh! I think you are right Jill, looks suspiciously like a wasps nest. I agree with Lynn, don't go near it, Hope you get it sorted soon.x

  3. Anita Says:

    Its not a small mummified head is it???LOL.Not much help am I?

  4. Gillian Says:

    Could well be a hornet's nest, Jill! Hope it's not in your garden! x

  5. KraftyKaren Says:

    Looks like a wasps nest to me too. We had one on the back of our up and over garage door once - needless to say I ran a mile when I realised what it was and got Dad to come over and sort it out for me.

  6. looks like a paper nest....who is scrpping in your garden!! Think I would go with the wasp theroy.....birds would be twigs or int e eaves of the house

  7. Linda Says:

    I had a wasp nest just like that in my old garage. Mine had very little activity so I think it was quite new. It was @ the size of a grapefruit.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    This one is about the size and shape of a rugby ball Linda. We are debating whether to knowck it down and run - or leave it there.

  9. Lynn Says:

    ITis similar to the two we found in our loft years ago. They were the size of rugby balls, there were a few dead wasps int he loft too which gave the game away. We paid a man to comr and deal with them!

  10. i know its an old post but i just had to comment on this one...

    yep looks like a wasps nest, i have a dead one in my loft - it is too big to bring out of the loft hatch!!!! it is built around the roof beem and about the size of a TV, and i dont mean a portable one!!!!!!!!

    they are very prety things... not that you waould want to get too close x

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