I was standing in the garden this afternoon, gazing around at the bare trees, as you do if you have nothing better to do, lol, and this caught my eye about 6 metres up in a tree. I thought it was a dove huddled in the branches but when it didn't move I went for a closer inspection. Then I went in for my camera and took this photo. I think its a wasps nest but to be in a tree that high off the ground didn't seem to be in character.

Anyone have any other ideas?

I am going to get on my soapbox again here.

As a teetotaller I only ever drink lemonade when I am out and make a point of asking for 'no ice and lemon' Invariably the drink comes with both. Tonight I pointed out that she had asked if I wanted ice and lemon and I had said 'no'. Well couldn't I just fish it out then?

Why is it so difficult to get an order correct?

At Catering College we were told never under any circumstances to have ice in our drinks. Ice had been tested and found to have all sorts of nasties in it, some to revolting to mention.

And while we are on the subject my Tutor Chef also said never, ever, ever send your meal back. The Chef would take it as a personal insult and after he had kicked it around the floor and wrapped it round his **** he would cremate it and send it back to you. I have always hoped that he was exaggerating, but never put it to the test lol.

Whilst on the subject of college we had to pop the eyes out of trout before cooking them. One of the tutors would substitute , unknown to his pupils, the eyes for currants. He would dip the 'eyes' in batter and then eat them. One girl fainted clean away.

Enjoy your evening meal lol
We took a day off last week and visited Port Lympne. Richard makes a monthly donation to them so he gets a free entrance and I had a ticket with £4 off so it was a good deal and an afternoons entertainment for us. We tend to go to Ashford and have lunch and then on to the Park. An afternoon is plenty of excercise for us as its quite hilly around there.

This Ostrich had his beady eye on us. They really are mean looking birds close up.

The keepers were throwing peanuts off the roof to the gorillas for an afternoon snack. This little fellow gave us a good half hours entertainment watching his antics.

This big silverback was too grand to go outside with the others and scavenge for peanuts. He stayed inside and studiously ignored us through the glass, whilst scratching about in the straw for peanuts.

Last night we went to a Quiz Night in aid of Rachels Dog Training Group. It was very well attended we had to make up teams of 8 people. 2 people that we didn't know joined us to make up our number, Sharon and Jordan. 9 teams of 8 people in all.

We decided to call our team The Dimwits , and as it turned out we were very aptly named. We sat open mouthed as the questions were called out. Among them were questions like 'When is London Dog Week' and 'What is the aim of London Dog Week' and When is National Dog Worming Week?'

At the end she said she would call out the results in reverse order. We collectively slid under the table as she read out the name of the team who came last - and it wasn't us. We breathed a sigh of relief. We weren't last. We could at least hold our heads up a little bit.

And as she got further and further up the list our mouths began to drop open. She got to number 3 and we still weren't named. She must have lost our paper. Then she called out 'Second - The Dimwits' We could have danced for joy. But how we managed that we will never know. But we weren't going to argue. A very enjoyable evening.

For some reason this photo puts me in mind of a Beryl Cook print.

Do you ever get a tune stuck in your head? I had an email this morning from a supplier about the new SEI range called 'Juliet'. This immediately brought to mind a song from way back in the Sixties by the Four Pennies called 'Juliet'. And this has been going round and round in my head all day. Unfortunately I can only remember the first 4 lines of the song so its getting a bit strained now lol

Last weekend was crop weekend. 2 different groups on Saturday and Sunday. Its always a pleasure to crop with these girls and I like to see what they achieve. On Saturday I was a bit under the weather and did nothing all day but sit and chat and watch the others work. But on Sunday I thought I had best knuckle down and get something done. I only managed one layout and finished another that I had started at Debden. Because of my bad back, the car still hasn't been unloaded from a month ago and I still have the 28 kits that I made up with the good intention of doing them at Debden.

Spooky, is a photo of my granddaughter, Natalie, and her (ex) boyfriend Ross. The cardstock is from the October Monthly Bazzill Kit, some paper from the Basic Grey Erie Collection and the bats were cut from a Bazzill Just the Edge Halloween pack. Title, rub ons and buttons from Basic Grey Erie again and pearls and crystals from the Prima e-line range. I put the imitation purple nail heads around the edge of the festive eyelet cardstock. Heidi Swapp green flowers with some of the new Prima centres. I love these centres.

Next door have moved all of the cockerels, thank goodness, and the silence is heaven. Just a few quacks from the dozen ducks still left there. Their pond is a couple of bakers trays filled with muddy water. There is only enough room for one duck at a time and this causes a few squabbles.

Bazzill cardstock with Basic Grey Mellow paper. The title was cut on the Cricut using the Storybook cartridge and I dotted crystals along the letters. Jewel brads in the centre of the flowers and some small pearls along the sides.

I have been playing with the i-top Brad Maker. Another new tool to add to my collection ^-~ .

It is by Imaginisce and you can make your own brads in 3 sizes. The tool is like a pair of pliers with swivel heads at both ends. It can make brads in either 16mm or 22mm. You can make larger brads in 28mm but you have to buy a seperate rubber head for this. The brads are called, for some reason, Brad Daddies and come in packets of 8.

Basically you punch out your paper with one of three punches, or you can use a template and cut round it, the pop the head of the brad in the rubber base, place your paper over it and squeeze the pliers together. This pushes the brad head and paper into the rubber and you then push the edges down. Then pop the pronged base on, squeeze and hey presto, a brad to your own design.