Well I have just had an email showing the papers in the new collections. Is it just me or are Basic Grey, and the other manufacturers, bringing out too much too quickly. We have only just had June Bug and Lemonade and not had time to use these papers yet.

Indian Summer is pink and orange. Mostly floral. Quite pretty, but some of them do put me in mind of the early Rouge de Garance range. Due for release in early September.

Eskimo Kisses, due out in early September agian, as expected is a Christmas paper. It is double sided, which means it will be quite expensive. I can't say that this grabs my attention but maybe in real life it will look different. But I can't see me uing paper with eskimos and cutsie reindeers on it.

Nook and Pantry, in early October. Again a double sided paper and cooking based. Pears, cupcakes and it looks like saucepans. Bit old hat in my opinion.

Personally I find these a bit disappointing but who knows I may change my mind when I get them in the shop.

This just leaves Eerie which is the Halloween range. Another double sided paper. I like the look of the buttons. Nice colours.
Rachel has a new addition to her family. His name is Freddie and he is a 10 week old Border Terrier.

I have just received the September copy of Scrapbook Trends. I have an advert for Cardinal Colours for the first time in this issue so my first port of call was to see how it looked. Then I started to look through and was thrilled to see one of my layouts in Readers Submissions. Some probably think I am sad to be so excited but I am still wearing a big grin. Richard, who doesn't see the point of scrapbooking was suitably unimpressed.

As I may have mentioned I love going around Wildlife Parks and seeing the animals.

This is Jock, a massive silverback at Bristol Zoo. We arrived at feeding time and Jock, as befitting his station is fed first. Then the females are allowed to eat. Such is life.

We saw this young lion at Port Lympe in Kent. He hadn't yet got his mane and at first I thought he was a female.

I love Meerkats. I don't know why as they are vicious little creatures. This one at the Cotswold Wildlife Park had young. They were so cute but if she found a titbit she ate it ignoring their clamouring for food

Well who would have thought it. Me - the worlds worst technophobe with my own blog. I would like to thank Simon, from x3 Internet Solutions, the Website Designer for setting this up for me, and for those other friends whose help has been invaluable.