Tomorrow is the big day for me. I don't think there is anyone who doesn't know that I am opening a shop.
I am very nervous and wonder what the next few years will bring - success - or - *gulp* - failure.

Everyone has been so supportive. I opened a package today and Lynn sent me a banner saying 'Cardinal Colours' Richard has put it up in the shop for me and I shall take some photos tomorrow. Time ran out today I'm afraid.

Tomorrow morning his task is to blow up some balloons and put them outside. Lets hope it doesn't rain. Still the forecast is for fine but chilly.

I have had some lovely 'Good Luck' cards and these too have been put up in the shop.

A photographer from the Sussex Express and County Herald will be arriving at 9.30 tomorrow to take a photo of me and my staff. Anita has stepped in for the day as staff so she may be famous in Sussex. I was going to say it will be the next day fish and chip papers but they don't have these any n more do they. I am sure fish and chips tasted better from a newspaper wrapping. lol. The reporter asked me to write a few words and my friend Gillyp critiqued it and altered it as she said I wasn't blowing my own trumpet enough. She is brilliant with words and I often turn to her for advice.

But I digress. People have knocked on the window and said how pleased they are that a craft shop is opening, including a couple of elderly gentlemen, (I hope that they know what a craft shop is and are not expecting and Ann Summers shop) I have only had one old lady say it would be a disaster - and I aim to prove her wrong.

So I may see you soon. Do call in for a chat, a browse and a cuppa if you are in the area.
Cardinal Colours, 42 High Street, polegate, East Sussex. Tel: 01323 488718

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  1. KraftyKaren Says:

    Looking forward to popping round in the morning Jill. I am sure you will prove the miserable old lady wrong!!

    Good luck!!!!

    Karen x

  2. Gillian Says:

    Where's the champagne? Lots of love and luck to Cardinal Colours (Street version) and all who sail in her. xx

  3. Anita Says:

    It will be brilliant Jill, you have worked so hard and you totally deserve this....have faith Hun!
    get that old dear and give her to me....i shall cover her in glue dots, roll her in blossoms and ink her all up and pop her in the window as an example of *altered art* ;) LOL. See you tomorrow

  4. Karen Says:

    Sending you good luck wishes for your big day Jilly. Hope the day goes well and that you enjoy it.

    Karen (kazc) x x

  5. Clare Says:

    Hi Jilly, i was one of the nice people who tapped on the window today!!!. I am so excited that you are opening,especially in Polegate. I reckon the shop will do fantastic and will be the only shop worth visiting in the town!!!. You are an established company anyway so can see good things happening for you. The lady who slated the shop obviously is not a true crafter as anyone would only want you to do well. I am now following and i will be telling everyone to come to the shop!!!. Good luck hun and will be in to see the big day. Hugs Clare xxx

  6. You will be a hit Jill, a great addition to the town. Could always add a red light to the window?? lol. See you later....all the best :)

  7. Lynne Says:

    Went today to support Jill and was so pleased to see her looking so good and happy :)
    I am sure it will be a great success and Jill, you will enjoy it too!
    Please everyone go and see the is great!

  8. Karen@CCC Says:

    GOOD LUCK Jill!! Hope the shop will be a huge success for you xx
    Lots of love
    Karen (Charmed CandC)

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