To quote Voctor Meldrew 'I don't beeelieeeve it'

We need an external door for the new toilet/shower room that Richard is building and we wanted one to match the door on the shop. Richard didn't think he had the skills to hang it himself so we needed one that was already fitted into the frame. So we got a Wickes brochure, found the one we wanted, selected the size, the finish of the handle, the side the hinges were to hang etc etc.

In the brochure it says order through the web, but the one we wanted wasn't on the web, so back to the brochure and there is an phone number to place an order. When I phone I am told I can't order it over the phone I have to go into a Wickes store.

On the 8th August we went to Wickes in Eastbourne, and after a good 20 minutes of staff faffing around we get the order placed and pay for it. It will be delivered in 2 weeks - which is up this weekend.

We have not heard a word so we go into Wickes this afternoon and after a bit more waiting around they decide that the order has never been placed with their supplier. They will order it now but it will be another 2 weeks for delivery.

The girl at the checkout kept our receipt and gave a photo copy back. I said I wanted the original. She said you can't have it - we need it as proof of payment. Well why can't you have the photo copy and give me the original. We aren't allowed to do that.

By now we are getting more than a little steamed up. I insist on the original receipt. We have paid £410.09 and I am not having a photo copy as proof of payment. She says no. So we cancel the order.

We walk out of the shop and go to Bexhill where they couldn't be more helpful and efficient and assure us that the order has been placed.

So girls unless he is telling the truth you will have to whistle whilst sitting on the loo. Which reminds me we had best get that ordered too. ^_~
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  1. Anita. Says:

    Don't worry Jill, I can whistle nice and loud :D. We have found the staff at the Eastbourne depot a right load of numpties before so sounds like they haven't changed. Glad you got it sorted though.

  2. Lynn Says:

    Why do these things need to be so stressful?!? Should be a simple enough task.

  3. KraftyKaren Says:

    I can't whistle so I will have to sing - as you have never heard my singing I will warn you now that it will be painful LOL!!

    Sounds like they were too thick to pass the B&Q staff exam!

  4. liz Says:

    Just shows it depends which store you go to. If Eastbourne staff are known as being so bad you should complain. Eventually may be management will realise why Eastbourne's figures are so bad!
    Without a door can you imagine the picture as you walk up to the shop!!! :o)

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