Last Saturday and Sunday were crop days. We were reduced in numbers due to holidays but we were still able to have a good laugh. I am always over-awed by the talent of these girls. Such diverse styles and subjects but the ideas, colour and innovation has to be seen to be appreciated.

I only managed 3 layouts this weekend. I seem to be getting slower as I get older.

This is one of my efforts. This was a line marker that we spotted at a local auction about 3 years ago. Richard thought it would make a good garden ornament. The auctioneer thought he wouldn't get rid of it as no-one would have any use for it, so we managed to get it for £5 and we took a lot of ribbing from the auctioneer who asked if we had tennis courts or maybe a helipad. It has sat in the garden for the last three yearsand gone rather rusty so Richard decided to clean it up with a wire brush and put some Hammerite paint on it. He was very proud of the finished article so I thought I would scrap it. Not literally of course.

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  1. Anita.x Says:

    Thats a really lovely LO Jill, love the papers and what a brilliant and totally different subject to scrap. I was really dissapointed to miss this months crop( bet your ears were grateful though LOL), see you soon.xx

  2. Lynn Says:

    Hi Jill, Lovely LO and story. Good to see your LO's. Also sorry to miss our crop this month.

  3. KraftyKaren Says:

    Fantastic layout Jill - shame the photograph doesn't show how really zingy all the colours are in real life. I also loved the doggy layout you did too.

  4. Gillian Says:

    Love that line-walker. Just the sort of odd-ball thing we like to have in the garden. Who needs flowers! ^_~

  5. lol love the story and a great lo to record it Jill :)

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