How did you get into scrapping?

Many of us wanted to display our family photos rather than have them in boxes in the loft or hidden away somewhere. Unfortunately when my father died my brother burned all of our family photos, so I have to rely on cousins to email me copies of the photos that they have and so these are not always of the best quality.

Which brings me to records of birthdates and places. We scrap the photos, probably with just a name and a date, and keep other records in a seperate place, maybe on a computer. But now Bazzill have brought out Family Charts. These are on Bazzill French Vanilla cardstock, so have a good weight to them, and are printed in black and brown. There are different types of charts and these would make a good basis for layouts and you can put information next to the photo.

This chart doesn't really have spaces for photos but it does allow records back to your great grandparents. This would make a nice opening page for your Family History Album. And if put in a frame it would make a nice present for a family member.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ooo, I didn't think of framing them. Now there's a thought. Maybe I'll need some more . . . . Jeeps.

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