Well everything bad is blamed on Mercury being in Retrograde amongst a group of my friends - but this doesn't happen till 20 August so it seems, so I am dreading that day coming round.

My computer hard drive has been playing up for a good few months and last Friday it locked up so I decided to bite the bullet and buy a new one. I hated Vista and couldn''t get on with it so it was passed to Richard but now Windows 7 is here, all singing and dancing. Trouble is I am well and truly fixed in the dark ages where computers are concerned so I had no idea how to transfer the data from the old XP to the Windows 7.

I contacted someone I know and he said it would take a couple of hours so on Monday morning he arrived at 9am as arranged. Eventually he left at 6pm and I was beginning to think I ought to make a bed up for him. He couldn't get the router to work so we went and bought a new one. Then he said my old printer wan't compatible with Windows 7 so I couldn't print orders etc. I told him I needed to keep all of the stuff in my email folders as they were suppliers log ins and also messages I needed to keep for the teachers requirements for the Retreat. Well they are lost and gone. And all of my photos are gone. And Richards computer won't pick up the signal to get on to the Internet etc etc. At 6pm my man left with the hard drive on the floor, empty boxes strewn about and cables going everywhere.

So on Monday evening we went to PC World and bought a new printer, which I mamnaged to install, all by myself, lol, on Tuesday morning. I also managed to reconnect all of the cables to the right places and put the hard drive on my desk in its proper place. Well I did put the phone internet cable back in the wrong connection but after half an hour and a bit of ripe language I sussed out what I had done wrong. I have faffed around but I can't find any of the stuff I needed to be kept.

Today Rachel told me that a man had come to her work place and fixed their computer so I contacted him and explained the situation and he will be along at 11 am on Monday, hopefully to retreive all of the data and get me back on course again.

I am now verging on  Can anything else go wrong?

I hate computers.
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  1. KraftyKaren Says:

    I know the feeling Jill - fortunately my BIL is amazing with computers so I just scream 'Heeellllp' down the phone at him and he usually sorts things out. I will keep everything crossed that they can retrieve the lost data for you.

    So should we just baton down the hatches and stay indoors on 20th August?????

  2. Linda Says:

    Poor you, I really sympathise.
    It's awful when things so wrong with them.

    Hope the guy on Monday can help :)


  3. liz Says:

    Oh Jill that is horrendous. Your wonderful pictures and all your course work - what a nightmare! I do hope Rachel's man can help you. Its only money and when its all up and running just think, everything will be new!! x

  4. Lynn Says:

    Jill, What a nightmare, hope it's all sorted out soon and worth all that trouble it has caused.

  5. Alison Says:

    That sounds like my worst nightmare - all that faffing around, with no end result! Hope it all works to a good result this coming Monday. And Mercury in retrograde can go and bugger orf, as far as I am concerned. Ha! :)

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