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Mary Shelley nee Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin was a British novelist best known for her Gothic novel 'Frankenstein'.

Her mother died when she was eleven days old but brought up by her father, he provided her with a rich, informal education, encouragng her to adhere to his liberal political theories.

In 1814 Mary began a relationship with one of her fathers political followers, the married poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. They left for France and travelled through Europe and on her return Mary was pregnant with Percy's child. Over the next two years they were faced with ostracism, constant debt and the death of their prematurely born daughter. They married in 1816 after the suicide of his wife, Harriet.

In 1816 they spent the summer with Lord Byron in Geneva where it is said she conceived the idea for 'Frankenstein'.

They left Britain in 1818 for Italy where her next two children died before she gave birth to her only surviving child, Percy Florence. In 1822 Percy Bysshe Shelley drowned when his sail boat capsized during a storm in the Bay of La Sezia.

The last decade of her life was dogged by illness and she died of a brain tumour on 1February 1851 aged 53

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  1. Gillian Says:

    A fascinating life, Jill. Thanks for that. The Shelleys had a house in the Elan Valley, lost when the valley was flooded for the rservoirs. The foundations can still be seen during drought years.

  2. Ann Says:

    Great information, I didn't realise that there was quite so much tragedy in their lives.
    Shelley's heart is buried in St Peter's Churchyard, Bournemouth and when I was in my teens I often used to see the grave.
    I am new to blogging and finding this all very fascinating.

  3. Jilly Says:

    Thank you both. I think its lovely when people can add information like this.

  4. Lynn Says:

    Wow, Jill, that's interesting. This is going to keep you busy, looking forward to the next snippet.
    Lynn x

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