Well yesterday was spent going to Guildford to pick up some stands and gridwall for the shop at the retreat. We couldn't get all of it on the truck so it will mean another trip to get some more. I had no idea it would take up so much space. All I have to do now is find somewhere to store it. You would think that I had plenty of space but all of the sheds are filled to the gunnells.

You cardmakers may know of Jane Gill. She makes fantastic cards and she has agreed to teach 3 classes at the retreat on the Saturday. Using stamps and Floral Punch Craft flowers. I did one of her classes last year and loved it. I shall be hovering in the background at the classes.

Two of the other teachers will be announced tomorrow and I am sure that you won't be disappointed when you find out who they are. Unfortunately it seems that Shimelle may not be able to teach after all. She may have to be in the States but will let me know as soon as she can. I am sure that we will get over it and as they say 'When life gives you lemons make lemonade'. At the monment I can't get past the life giving me lemons lol

Also each day I have been doing little snippets on some forums I belong to entitled 'Today's the Day' Someone said why didn't I also oput it on my blog. So starting from tomorrow you will find this little treat in store for you lol.
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  1. Lynn Says:

    Shame if Shimelle can't make it, but as you say Jill I'm sure we will cope. Looking forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeve! Will watch your blog with great interest. Thanks for organising this retreat, must be an amazing amount of work. See you next weekend. x

  2. Linda Says:

    Am packed and ready!
    Bring on the lemons, we'll add ice and gin :)

  3. KraftyKaren Says:

    Shame about Shimelle - never mind, I look forward to one of Jane Gill's classes.

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