Today's sad fact is about the notorious Sid Vicious. He was born Simon John Ritchie and was the iconic look of punk, and of course was in The Sex Pistols.

Whilst in the group he met his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, and they were the subjects of a film 'Sid and Nancy'. In 1978 he awoke from a drug fuelled stupor to find her dead on the bathroom floor, from a single stab wound to the abdomen.

He was charged with her murder, and there seems to be little doubt that he was the culprit but in Feb 1979 he was realeased on bail and was 'celebrating' and died of a heroin overdose on 2nd February, aged 22. It was thought to be an accident but a few days later his mother found a suicide note in his jacket pocket.

He said that Nancy was the love of his life and he wanted to be buried next to her, but as she was buried in a Jewish cemetary and he was not Jewish this was not possible, so his mother scattered his ashes on her grave.

When his mother died some time later she allegedly made a deathbed confession that she had given him an overdose, enough to kill 2 people, as she said he would not have been able to handle life behind bars.
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