Whilst at the NEC I also met up with Jane Gill on the Woodware stand. She was a very busy lady but took the time to chat with me, and Richard took some photos a couple of which I will add here.

Many of you know Jane's work and I have to say I loved the cards she had on show. There were some of the Floral Punch Art flowers and also some with stamped images. Jane also designs stamps for Woodware. I was especially taken with a fish one but it was hard to pick a favourite.

As you know Jane is going to be teaching some classes at the Retreat, and as the classes are very technique orientated there will only be time to make one card per class. But what a card!!!!. One class will be a card with an arrangement of everlasting flowers, another will have a poinsettia and holly leaves - just in time for you to make some outstanding Christmas cards for your favourite people and the third class will be a classic birthday card with an arrangement of 3 roses.

Jane is also going to be teaching a couple of classes here on 10th July. The details and prices haven't been finalised yet but if you want an informative and fun day this is the place to be.

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  1. Mrs Sweetie Says:

    Those flowers are incredible; the roses in particular are so life like.

  2. Wow that is impressive....and from punches??? Just pushed that to the list of hope to do at the retreat :)

  3. Anita Says:

    wowowowow! Absolutely stunning Jill, what beautiful work.

  4. Linda Says:

    Wow, Jill.

    Count me in :)

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