We went to our local restaurant last Wednesday and Anita Dobson came in. She was appearing at the Devonshire Theatre. Helen, the owner, was beside herself and said to Richard 'Look, It's Angie' 'Angie who?' Angie from Eastenders' Richard said he would be nmore impressed if it was Brian May. lol Anyway she is really tiny, not as big as she appears on TV.

The next night we were fast asleep when the phone rang at 11pm. It was Helen saying that Brian May was in the restaurant with Anita Dobson and would we like to come for coffee with them. We declined politely but the next morning she said that she had Brian May's autograph for Richard.

He found an old photo frame and I downloaded a picture of Brian May and gave him some cardstock and he chose a paper from the DCWV Rockstar pack and with a little bit of guidance came up with this. I think he was quite pleased with his achievement. Perhaps a scrapping convert after all of these years?

The downside is that we took it to show Helen and she wants me to do some for her as she has signed photographs.

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  1. Linda Says:

    How cool is that!

  2. Lynn Says:

    Jill, Great that you got the autograph but also that you got Richard scrapping and that you have been asked for more!!
    Will we need to make room for him at the next crop? (Richard that is, not Brian!)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    OH NO!! please Lynn. Crops are a husband free zone lol

  4. OMG Richard Scrapping....never thought I would hear that!!! Looks fabulous, a great way to preserve that treasure.

    Is the work commissioned??

  5. KraftyKaren Says:

    Great that you have Richard scrapping - a great first layout.

    He is now allowed to join the Snug!!!!!

  6. Anita Says:

    wwhoo hoo, another closet scrapper eh ;). he has made a grand job of his first one Jill. How fab to have his autograph, what a shame he wasn;t about earlier in the evening though.xx

  7. Tessab Says:

    Well done Richard. Nice choice of cardstock,etc.

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