I have been looking at the Mmeory Box Dies for a few weeks and contacted the company in the US to find a UK supplier. I had to email 3 times before they replied. Not good customer service. Anyway eventually they gave me the name of a UK supplier and I placed an order. Unfortunately most of the dies were out of stock but I managed to get a few. They really are lovely shapes, from borders to corners and one of my favourites the Serafina Heart which can be used in conjunction with the Cupid Heart.

Serafina Heart
Madeira Corner
Catalina Border
Here are a few so come and have a look at the ones I have in stock. You are bound to be won over.
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  1. Alison Says:

    They are very pretty and delicate! I am sure they will do very well.

  2. Linda Says:

    Got some from you yesterday and they are fabulous!
    Love the seraphina heart especially and will be back for more!
    Thanks Jill x

  3. liz Says:

    I have got several and agree, they really are lovely. x

  4. liz Says:

    I have got several and agree, they really are lovely. x

  5. Charlie Says:

    Hi there - and thanks for saying HI. Yes it has been a couple of years - but I am fine - and right here. Not a lot of Layouts been made since I started the OSH but LOTS of cards. I still work fulltime and that seems to cut into my crafting time too =0). All the best CharlieDK

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