I am not a fan of cupcakes in any shape or form but in May of this year I went to Debden with some friends for the weekend and Lynn gave us each a cupcake pin cushion that she had knitted. She is a very talented lady in more ways than one and her sewing skills are to be envied too.

Anyway in October when I went again to Debden with another group of friends, I am well travelled you know lol, Liz and I called in at Costco and spotted this cupcake stand. She persuaded me to buy it, thanks Liz :) and so I emailed Lynn and asked for a copy of the cupcake pattern. I have been spending every spare minute this week knitting. It has been years since I did any and it took me a while to get back into it but so far I have come up with these. I have had to shelve the last few for a few days as I have worn a hole in my finger and it is quite painful.

Daughter Angie saw them and decided she wanted to do some so we trotted along to the wool shop and kitted her out. When I asked the next day if she had started it seems my 2 granddaughters have taken half of the wool each and are knitting them. You have started a trend Lyn.

Here are my efforts so far.

mmm looking at the photos it seems I ought to put them in the cases a bit better. They seem a bit lopsided. Maybe thats why they need a circle of cardboard in the base of each cupcake case. Back to the drawing board lol
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  1. Anita Says:

    Oh my GOD!!!!! Jill, these are awesome Missus! How blinking clever are you! I am soooo impressed. It would appear that kintting seems to be gripping us all at the mo, I have just got into knitting scarves lol. These really are fab

  2. they look very scrummy Jill.....I cannot knit for toffee.....certainly don't inherit that from my Mum

  3. Gillian Says:

    These are great fun, Jill - clever old you! I'm a big fan of cupcakes - love eating 'em, love baking 'em!

  4. Karen Says:

    Really fab Jill and much better for you than real cupcakes LOL!!

  5. Linda Says:

    Great looking cakes at 0% calories!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Could never get my head around knitted cupcakes but cos yours are just a tad lopsided they seem more real than most. Well done.
    x Tricia

  7. Lynn Says:

    These look great Jill, lol that you all caught the infection! Love the colours too. That cake stand is just right to show them off in. I really enjoyed knitting again after a few years when I made mine. You have worked up a different pattern to the ones I made, the cases are different. I don't remember putting cardboard in the bottoms either. Emily made some and used plastic milk carton tops in the bases. There are a lot of different patterns out there. How is the finger? dangerous occupation!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Yes Tricia they are lopsided. I have actually straightened them up now. My mother and grandmother were great knitters and always had something on the go, but I was never that keen. I only commented to dh yesterday that the stitches weren't too even. Still it kept me occupied.

    Finger is still sore Lynn. I think i'll stick to scrapbooking lol

  9. Alison Says:

    How fantabulous! Very attractive indeed. I can't knit, can't crochet - they look good enough to eat, certainly! You have been busy.

  10. liz Says:

    Love the cupcakes Jill. Clever you! As Anita says knitting seems to be the in thing. I've just done some hats which I enjoyed. I remember you buying the cupcake stand at Costco - are you sure I persuade you - I seem to remember you certainly didn't need too much persuading!! They are really very effective. x

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