Those of you who didn't attend our retreat will have missed out on one of Anita's Make and Takes. I think everyone was absolutely enthralled with them and the smiles that I saw when they were being made were testimony to Anita's skill in putting colours together. Or maybe you didn't get chance to take part because of class committments.

This was the Bag Charm Make and Take. I have a few examples for you to see below and if you did miss out, or even if you didn't and would like some more, Anita sells them, and extremely reasonably priced in my opinion. They make wonderful stocking fillers, tree presents, or maybe a different gift for the teacher at the end of term. You can hang them on your bag, phone, purse, or anywhere that has a suitable attachment. You can contact Anita through her blog http://inkyblossom.blogspot.com/ if you would like to know what charms she has to offer :) (oooh that sounds cheeky doesn't it) The larger one was a gift from Anita that I have hanging on my handbag.


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  1. KraftyKaren Says:

    I love Anita's charms and have bought several in the past but now I have one I made myself. Not sure I am cut out to be a jewellery maker though, I had great fun trying to attach mine to the keyring loop LOL!

  2. liz Says:

    I agree with Jill - I've bought several for little pressies and the feedback has always been great. She is a very clever lady. xxx

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I loved this make and take and I love my finished charm. I won't be taking out of the house though for fear of losing it. What a clever girl that Anita is.

    I also have a question for you Jill....yiou may have heard it before though."When do you want my deposit for next year?" LOL I had a brilliant time so I really hope you want to do another one.

    Lyn M

  4. Anita Says:

    Awww, thanks Jill.....fancy showing off my *charms* like that lol.....Anita.xxxxx

  5. Jilly Says:

    We will be looking at other hotels over the next couple of months Lyn and will let you know in due course. But that doesn't stop you saving up now does it lol.

  6. Linda Says:

    I too have bought Anita's charms (sounds dodgy!) and love them. Far too cheaply prices I think :)

  7. yes loved mine....finally got my head around how they are made....had the stuff for a while lol

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Jill you've made my day I will start stashing the cash for both the retreat and your shop LOL

    I'm so pleased that you are going to do another one as I was on a high all weekend from classes and the whole retreat. I really enjoyed our little breakfast chats too...best time of the day wasn't it before thge hustle and bustle LOL.

    Look forward to hearinf about next year soon

    Lyn M

  9. Anita Says:

    Hiya Lyn *waves*, so glad you enjoyed the retreat so much....see you at the next one :).xx

  10. Lynn Says:

    These are fantastic value for money. I have bought lots of these charms, my girls gave them to their friends when they left school last term. We have also given them to teachers, friends and family. They make great cracker prizes too.

    Anita you sell your charms too cheaply!!!

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