Thursday morning was the last of Anita's classes for this year and we had great fun making a different take on an exploding box. It should really have a bow made from paper on the top but after two or three tries my bows got consigned to the filing basket (under the table) and I used some Prima Ornaments to decorate the top of mine.

Two of the Sunday croppers, Carol and Lynne, who also came to Anitas class, kindly gave me this beautiful Poinsietta as a Christmas present. But I am under strict instructions to make sure it still has its leaves at the next crop in January. I don't think that they know that my house is a graveyard for pot plants.

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  1. Anita Says:

    Hiya Jill, so glad you enjoyed the class, the bow making was probably NOT such a good idea though was it lol( next time I will Card Fair and buy the nice shiny ones LOL!Love how you used the Blooms and the Prima decs, they look stunning. I saw those boxes originally made by an amazing American lady called Leah Killian, whose work I greatly admire. She is a phenomenal scrapper and woman. So, how many have you made now lol?

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