Yesterday (Friday 11th December) was our 45th Wedding anniversary. Too many years ago to remember half of the things that have happened to us, but we have had an adventuresome life one way or another.

Richard bought me some beautiful roses. These are just half of them. He did say that he looked for a sapphire but couldn't find anything. Mmmmmm. lol.

And a very dear friend sent these wonderful flowers. She has had so much tragedy in her life and also a fair bit of late but she still found time to think of us. I really value her friendship. A truly lovely woman.

In the evening two other friends took us out to dinner. We went to the Star at Normans Bay and had a very nice meal. So all in all a wonderful day. But I am in rush to get to the Golden Wedding.
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  1. Gillian Says:

    What lovely flowers. Congrats to you both. xx

  2. beautiful flowers. Congratulations :)

  3. KraftyKaren Says:

    Congratulations Jill and Richard

  4. Linda Says:

    Happy Anniversary, glad you were feeling better.

    Here's to many more good years! Cheers x

  5. Anita Says:

    Many congratulations Jill and Richard, what an acheivement!.xxxxx

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Love that autumnal bouquet, fab colours. 45 years? Are you mad!! rofl. Jeeps. xx

  7. Tessab Says:

    Ooh, just found the blog. I am pleased you had a lovely day. :)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    oh! I'm not sure if I missed this! Well I have now...but at the time - can't remember if I said Happy Anniversary - if not - Happy belated Anniversary xxx


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