Well I thought it was about time I updated my blog.

Things have not been going so well. I have injured my back and so it has rather slowed things up a bit. My movement is severely restricted and the ostepopath is making a fortune out of me at present. I am wearing one of those back support and Richard says I have my hourglass figure back after all of these years.

The toilet has just arrived for the shop so Richard will be cracking on with that now. He hasn't been able to do much until it arrived because of puting the pipework etc under the floor. Now it should be all systems go. I shall of course supervise.

This last weekend I went to Debden on a scrapbooking weekend with the girls from the Sunday crop. I really enjoyed it although I wasn't able to do a lot and having previously made up 20 kits so that I would have plenty to do, I never managed to complete one layout. I have to thank both Liz and Gilly for being my official picker-upperers. I did devise a patent picker-upperer by putting a large glue dot on the end of a ruler and that picked up the lighter things. But when I dropped ny Craftmate bag with all the boxes of brads and eyelets Gilly had to come to my rescue. One of lifes mysteries is why, when you have a bad back, does everything end up on the floor.

I really enjoy my weekends at Debden. Its nice to have your craft stuff to hand and know that you don't have to pack it away all the time. Meals are served and you just get up from the table and walk away - and someone else does the washing up. As we have been before, several times, the staff pretty well leave us to our own devices, so we have the run of the place. We generally have a small group which makes it more personal.

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  1. KraftyKaren Says:

    Its come out really well especially as you had to do the hobble-dash back into position each time! Would you be able to email me a copy?

  2. Linda Says:

    Poor you! Sorry to hear about your back but glad you managed to have a good time anyway.
    Take care.

  3. Gilly Says:

    Oh, yes - I remember the hobble-dash :D You poor thing. I was wincing when you did that and every time you yelled when your back 'gyped' you.

    We won't, however, go into the 'bogie' scenario!

  4. A great photo, and all of us at a squeak ;)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I'm so glad you spelt CRACKING correctly. :)

    For some reason I can't see any pix. :(

    Jeeps xx

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Well its there Jeeps. Look just above your head lol

  7. liz Says:

    We did have a lovely time, you're right Jill. I agree with Gilly though - best not to go into the 'bogie' comments!
    Liz x

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