Richard has decided that he needs another project after the shop toilet is finished and so he has decided to go into property. He wanted something that was not too challenging for his first attempt, no major reconstruction work and something nearby. After trawling the internet I found a house a mile or so away from here which was due to be auctioned on 17 September. We went to look at it and what a shock. I thought that there had been a fire in the property as everything was brown and there were stains running down the light switches. The smell was horrendous and then I realised the stains were nicotine. I know that pub ceiling were brown but this surpassed anything I had ever seen. The brambles in the back garden reached up to the first floor window and the kitchen had been gutted and the bathroom defied description, I swear the toilet had not been cleaned since 1950. The auction estimate 60k- 80k.
The auction was in London so off we set on Thursday and this lot was the 4th being sold so not long to wait. Well there were so many bids the auctioneer didn't know if he was on foot or horseback. It eventually sold for 126k. It defied belief.

Anyway what I really wanted to say is how shocked we were at the manners of the people on the underground and in London. The word 'politeness' was a stranger to them. Richard was acting as a sort of bodyguard for me as I had trouble getting up and down the stairs and also a bit slow getting on the trains because of my back. People pushed in front as they scrambled to get on the trains and grab a seat. They pushed you out of the way as they got off the trains. They pushed you to one side as they went down the stairs. All in all it was mind boggling. They were just so totally rude. When did this country become like this. Has it always been the same in London. As a country mouse I have been used to politeness, smiles and general thoughtfulness on the part of other people. Am I now totally out of tune with modern day living?
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  1. Linda Says:

    Hi Jill,

    Thats quite normal for London.
    I've been commuting for @29 years and things are still the same :)
    I was on crutches (knee op) and got knocked down the stairs at Warren Street Tube station, no apology either just a tut and dirty look thaet I had the cheek to be there.

    Did you buy the house?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    No we didn't Linda. Went to another auction today but they all seem to be going for twice the price guide. Still we will have another look at the next auction in 6 weeks.

  3. Gillian Says:

    I hate London but that's horrible. No-one is brought up to have manners these days. Whatever happened to that old motto -'Do as you would be done by' ?

  4. liz Says:

    Oh Jill
    I'm sorry you didn't get the house - what a lot of money it went for - not worth the effort. But it would have been so convenient.
    I agree with you London is horrendous, especially on the tube. Its everyone for theselves and to hell with anyone who gets in their way. Life is much more hectic there - you really notice the difference when you have occasion to go up to town. We're much better off down here!
    Hope you find something not too pricey. x

  5. Lynn Says:

    I don't miss commuting either, I only did it for four years and that was more than enough! Good luck with the auctions.

  6. KraftyKaren Says:

    That is precisely why I avoid London like the plague - when I go up to see my foot specialist we have to get a black cab there as I will not set foot on the tube. The last time we went on the tube was to go with my family to see We Will Rock You. I was struggling to walk that day and as well as using my stick was hanging onto my mum's arm for dear life - someone actually shoved me from behind and shouted at me to walk faster - needless to say she got informed that she would shortly need surgery to remove my walking stick from one of her orifices! My little nephew was my secret weapon on the tube trains - being little he was able to leap onto the train as the doors opened and would lay across some seats to save them for me and my mum - because of his adhd he is quite brazen and in this instance it was very useful to have him around as he wasn't embarrassed to behave like all the other people pushing and shoving.

    Stay being a country mouse Jill and I think it is just a London thing. I have been to Edinburgh and Dublin many times and people don't behave like that there.

    Shame you didn't get the house - mind boggling that it went for that amount with all the work that will need doing. So are you going to continue to be builder's mate for the new project?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    It has been agreed that I will be Project Manager, Karen. I have learned my lesson regarding hard work as I am still suffering lol
    Mind you I am PM now but I don't think Richard has realised it yet ^-~

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