Avery dear friend who has a serious illness made me some beautiful jewellery. She took photos of it before sending it to me.

I was at the shop when the postman delivered last Thursday, so he left the parcel

The only people who know where to leave parcels are delivery men if no one is at home.

He left a note through the door saying that he had left it in the normal place.

When I got home just after 2pm there was no sign of the package.

Another friend had a class here that morning and probably left here soon after noon. So the package must have gone missing between noon and 2pm.

This has really upset me in view of the time that my friend has taken to make the bracelets and necklace for me, and the necklace alone has over 1500 small glass pearls in it and took her a good 8 hours to make.

 I cannot believe that there are lowlife people out there who come onto your property and steal from you. I know it goes on and I am probably naive in thinking the best of people but I would so like to find out who has taken this parcel. My retribution will be swift, sharp and painful believe me. :)

So if you see or hear of anyone in Hailsham and Polegate and surrounding areas who is selling jewellery, or see it on auction sites,  and you will see from the pictures they are one off items, then please let me know. You can email me

Thank you.


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