We went to the auction at Billingshurst yesterday and today as I had seen online some bits and bobs that I wanted for shop window displays. Of course the actual items that I wanted came up second so rather than lose them I also bid on the two items that came up first. And as they say, Murphys Law, I got both lots. The chair I really liked was the red one and the orangier coloured pram. Both the prams had these ugly little dolls, poor things,  in them. The chairs are 49cm high and the prams are 36cm. The prams were £10 and £15 each and I couldn't belive my luck. I also wanted a little rocking horse but they old sold for upwards of £180 and that was just a tad too expensive lol.

As I couldn't get a rocking horse I consoled myself with this gorgeous little steam driven car. It is in remarkable condition and still has the original box. I think it was made around the mid 70's so it is older than some of you lol

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  1. Lynn Says:

    You did do well. It's good fun too. We like to go to an auction in Ash.

  2. ooo great finds and buys, never been to a real auction personally :)

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